Multi-Bet Bonus Boost!

Multi-Bet Bonus Boost!

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Multi-Bet Bonus Boost T&Cs. 

A special event with fixed odds which may be added by the Bookmaker to multiple bets with each selection at minimum odds of 1.30. The value of the bonus depends on the number of selections in the multiple bet:

Number of selection % Bonus 
2 2 %
3 3 %
4 4 %
5-7 8 %
8-10 10 %
11-15 15 %
16-18 20 % 
19-21 23 %
22-24 26 %
25+  30%

The following restrictions are applied for the accumulator bonus:


a) If one or more of the events in the multiple bet are calculated as a refund and, as a result, the accumulated odds are reduced to less than 1.69, the bonus is also calculated as a refund;

b) If one or more selections within a multiple bet are settled as a refund, the odds of the bonus applied are adjusted accordingly. For example, if in a multiple bet of ten selections, one selection is settled as a refund, the odds of the bonus applied are adjusted to 1.09;

c) Bonus is added on bets placed via internet accounts only;

d) Bonus is added to all Pre-match, Live events and mix bets.

e) To qualify for the additional boost, all single selections are subject to minimum odds of 1.30.

Last Updated July 2023

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