Responsible Gambling

BetOlimp takes Responsible Gambling very seriously and provides the following facilities to enable you to manage your betting activity.

Reality Checks:

Reality Checks help you to manage the amount of time you spend playing at BetOlimp. Once enabled, a pop-up alert will be displayed to remind you that you have been logged into your account for a period of 60 consecutive minutes. If you choose to continue playing, the pop-up alert will be repeated 60 minutes later and so on. You are free to enable and disable this function in your Settings according to your preference.

Deposit Limit:

Setting a deposit limit restricts the amount of money that can be deposited into an account. The limit amount can be chosen to suit your needs, and can be over any chosen period of time (minimum 24 hours).

Cooling-Off Period:

If you feel like you want to take a break from betting, we can apply a Cooling-Off Period to your account. A cooling-off period, which can be over a 24-hour, 48-hour, 7-day or 30-day period, prevents you from logging into your account until the chosen period has expired.


The self-exclusion option blocks access to your account under any circumstances for a chosen period of time. Self-exclusion can be applied to your account for a 6-month, 1-year, 2-year, 5-year or Indefinite period.

To activate any of these facilities, or to learn more about them, please contact Customer Support.


- Any responsible gambling facility may be enabled, changed or cancelled by sending an email to or contacting Customer Support via Live Chat..

- Any request made to reduce a deposit limit or to increase a Cooling-Off Period or Self-Exclusion has effect immediately after it has been received by BetOlimp.

- Any request to reduce or cancel a Cooling-Off Period has effect only after 24-hours after BetOlimp has received the request and cannot come into effect any earlier.

- Any request made to increase or cancel a deposit limit, or to reduce or cancel a self-exclusion period has effect only after seven days after BetOlimp has received the request and cannot come into effect any earlier, under any circumstances.

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