Hit the Jackpot with Betgames!

Hit the Jackpot with Betgames!

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BetGames Jackpot Rules

Take advantage of our unique BetGames bonus – a progressive jackpot.

The rules are simple – collect a ‘Straight Flush’ or ‘Royal Flush’ hand and get a chance to grab a huge jackpot!

Types of Jackpots:

Progressive Jackpot – place bets on all 7 draws at once and take the reward. The progressive jackpot means that the prize pool increases after each next bet. After the jackpot is drawn, the fund is accumulated according to the established rules.

Dealers Jackpotplace a bet on the dealer on the pre-flop and the jackpot becomes yours.

Terms & Conditions

  1. To get the jackpot in Speedy 7, bet on all 7 cards of the distribution.
    1. To win a Jackpot, Dealer cards must contain a winning combination – Royal Flush or Straight Flush.
    2. If multiple players win the Jackpot, it is shared according to a player's last stake.
  2. To get the jackpot in 6+ Poker, you must bet on the dealer's hand, not the player's. If you hit a Royal Flush, you'll be paid double what you'd get for a Straight Flush.
    1. To participate, you must make a bet on ‘Dealer’ before Flop.
    2. To win a Jackpot, Dealer must form Royal Flush or Straight Flush combination including both cards in the Dealer's hand.
    3. If multiple players win the Jackpot, it is shared according to a player's stake.
  3. If you bet on the dealer after opening the cards on the table, you cannot participate in the promotion. If several users hit the jackpot at once as a result of the gaming session, the bankroll is distributed among them in proportion to the stakes of each player.
  4. The winner of the Jackpot does not win back his wager.
  5. The Jackpot amount is credited to the user's real money account immediately after collecting the winning combination.
  6. The prizes of the promotion can not be transferred to another player and can only be used by the winner.
  7. The player holds the responsibility for the correctness of the information in his/her account.
  8. Betolimp reserves the final word in resolving any controversial issue related to this product.
  9. This promotion only applies to internet and mobile players.
  10. Winnings are credited in good faith. Any irregular activities that result in the winning of the jackpot will be seen as abuse and all winning will be voided.
  11. BetOlimp reserves the right to amend these terms, cancel, reclaim, or refuse any bonus/promotion at any time and its sole discretion.

Last Updated May 2023

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