Cookies Policy

Cookies, IP-addresses and log-files

  1. The Player hereby accepts that By O L I M P (Pty) Ltd may collect and process information about the Player’s computer, mobile device, log files, including ip address, type of operating system, browser and e-mail client, information about the traffic, date and time, details of visits to the Internet Site, Player activity, information about accesses, settings and system notifications. This information about your activity is collected and stored for the purposes of systems administration, ensuring due functioning of the Internet Site and the Games, proper provision of services and for the purposes of safety and strengthening of protection and ensuring system integrity (prevention of hacker attacks, unauthorised access)
  2. By O L I M P (Pty) Ltd makes use of cookies in order for the Games and the Internet Site to function properly. Cookies are small bit record-keeping text information that are automatically created and stored in your electronic equipment in order to associate and identify your activity (hereinafter referred to as “Cookies”). Cookies do not typically include names and/or email addresses and/or other personal data in that they typically contain anonymous information which is required for better functionality
  3. Cookies stored in your electronic equipment through which you make use of the Games or access the Internet Site have, amongst others but without limitation, the following functions.
  4. The provision of access to secured areas which you have requested; without these Cookies, services you have requested such as secure login areas cannot be provided;
  5. Visit Cookies - remembering the choices and/ or settings you have made and to enable user recognition. Without such Cookies functionality may be impaired
  6.  Loading Balancing Session Cookies - improving the loading time by spreading workload and timing optimisation. Without these Cookies the functionality of the Internet Site or the Games may be lost
  7. User Interface customization cookies which make it possible to save your interface settings in case of repeat usage
  8. Cookies placed and used for synchronization with your data in social networks
  9. Performance (Analytics) Cookies - collecting anonymous information on how you make use of the Internet Site or Games
  10. Advertising Cookies - delivering you with the most relevant advertisements and help improve the effectiveness of advertisement campaigns. You hereby accept and agree that the Company may make use of these cookies for its own advertisement campaigns
  11. The Company may also allow certain third parties to put and make use of their own web performance (analytics) and advertisement cookies on your devices and to collect information from the Company’s Cookies, for the purposes of storage and analysis of information about your preferences and to improve the quality of services. In such case, third parties are bound by the terms contained herein. The Company guarantees that it shall exclusively allow reputable third parties to make such use
  12. By registering as a Player with the Company you understand, accept and express your direct and definite consent that the Company may put, store and make use of cookies in the electronic equipment through which you make use of the Games or Internet Site. O L I M P (Pty) Ltd may continue to presume that You consent until and/or unless you have disabled cookies through settings. By providing this consent, you give the Company a possibility to better understand your preferences, develop and improve the quality of the Games and Internet Services all the time considering your interests. You hereby agree that without enabling Cookies the Internet Site and/or the Games may not function properly
  13. The Company guarantees that the stored cookies are safe for You and necessary for normal functioning and provision of the services
  14. The Cookies are stored for no more than one (1) year. The terms of Cookie storage by third parties shall be established by such third party
  15. The Player may, at any time, refuse to accept Cookies and disable Cookies by changing browser settings. Disabling Cookies may have a negative influence on quality may also cause the impossibility to access the Games or the Internet Site. You hereby agree that the Company shall not be held liable for any loss and/ or damage to your information in cases where You have disabled cookies.
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